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DTS Learning Management System

There are tons of things to consider when it comes to opting for the right Learning Management System. Need help finding the right Learning Management System?

Here is a comprehensive list of the best Learning Management Systems in the market. Here is an introduction to key elements to consider when choosing an LMS after which we transition into a list of the best Learning Management Systems for all needs and budgets.

Why You Need LMS?

First things first, this is the basic clue that will determine what kind of LMS can help you achieve your goals. There are several ways an LMS can help a business grow.

An LMS can support your training and development goals immensely. You can design online courses that will ensure productivity & skill enhancement. Another reason you might want to use an LMS is to provide training to your customers, especially in Pandemic Situation. Also, if you have a company in the tech industry, you might need to assist clients in how they can effectively use your product. Of course, you may also take advantage of an LMS to focus on your employees’ compliance training, boost your sales enablement to gain more revenue, expand your partner training or even offer exclusive member training.

What Are The Key LMS Features That Fit Your Online Training Needs?

When searching for the ideal LMS for your company, there are several things you have to consider. You need to identify the factors that will make or break the deal for you when choosing the right Learning Management System. Focus on your unique online training requirements. The way you evaluate those parameters is what will help you reach a decision with a good ROI. Pay attention to your online training needs and goals in order to pick the right LMS solution without regrets.

LMS Features

Course Creation Management

Detailed Statistics

Import and Export of DATA

Train any audience, anytime, anywhere

Extended enterprise and partner training

Customer education

Online course builder & management

Tracking and reporting


Fully developed roadmap

Accessible and remote-friendly learning

Mobile learning

Real Time Monitoring